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Forex Ebook Review Bird Watching In Lion Country

Forex Ebook Review Bird Watching In Lion Country

Forex Ebook – Bird watching in lion country

There are so many Forex Ebooks out there that unrealistically promise the world and never deliver.  If you have have never read “Bird Watching in Lion CountryRetail Forex Trading Explained”, or are on the fence regarding how good you think it could be and whether to buy it or not; this Forex ebook does a great job in helping you learn how to trade the Forex market. 

Dirk du Toit, who is the author, actually trades for a living. Many Forex ebook creators have never traded in their life but this isn’t the same old run-of-the-mill material that has flooded the market.  Dirk has written a comprehensive ebook covering many elements of forex trading that can easily be utilised by novice and pro traders alike.  I am of the opinion that trading is a skill that takes some time to acquire.  Not everybody want to hear this but many who rush into live trading will end up quitting in time.

Anyone who has been in this business of trading for a while will certainly resonate with a lot of of Dirk’s comments regarding the Forex market and how to trade it.


Here are a few key points regarding this Forex ebook:

  • Looks into how to run a personal Forex trading business
  • Realistic approach acknowledges there is no “easy money” to be made as scam system sellers claim (10000% easy profit robot!… hype nonsense).
  • Discretionary trading with a longer term view is taught and sensible leverage utilisation is advised.
  • This is one of the best selling currency trading eBooks ever produced.
  • Provides a different perspective on Forex trading.

Bird Watching in Lion Country 2010 has more than 100 additional pages which brings the total page count to 340.  This is the latest version and covers additional areas such as  drawdown, which is vital when working on money management, and associated risk. Case studies have also been added to solidify the concepts Dirk teaches here. 

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