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Gold Technical Analysis

xauusd Gold Technical AnalysisThis area of the site covers the XAU/USD pair and has a primary focus on gold technical analysis - with associated price action and supporting news/market sentiment updates.   Read the latest gold news updates, comment and analysis .  The gold technical analysis content in this section typically references the daily charts and uses various methods: including candlestick techniques, Fibonacci levels and support/resistance to identify various potential technical points of interest.  Technical analysis is widely used by market participants as a way of attempting to forecast the potential direction of an asset/instrument through study of historical market data.

Other gold bullion news, forecast and outlook posts can be found on this page  if we see them as being complementary and editorially relevant to the technical updates.

 Gold Technical Analysis

The analysis conclusions expressed on this site are personal opinions of the respective analysts and should never be construed as a recommendation to buy or sell gold, currencies or any anything else.  See this risk warning/disclaimer.

Market Analysis
Gold Technical Analysis Update – 22nd July – XAUUSD Outlook
Gold Technical Analysis Update  – 22nd July – XAUUSD Outlook A look at the XAUUSD daily chart below shows the price of gold is approaching a technical confluence area after breaking[more]
Gold Technical Analysis – 16th July – XAUUSD Outlook
Gold Technical Analysis – 16th July – XAUUSD Outlook A look at the XAUUSD weekly chart shows gold is approaching the former support area around the XAUUSD 1320 mark - which could poten[more]