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Trading Quotes

Trading Quotes

Trading Quotes 

Well thought out quotes can inspire and educate.  These short inspirational quotes are some of our favourites.   Quotations like these can provide inspiration through words of wisdom from others who may have experience in areas we don’t.  You may want to spend some time compiling a list of trading quotes for yourself, or simply bookmark this page to read again as required, if it strikes a chord with you.  Keep checking back for other similar posts in the future.

We hope you like the following well known trading quotes (with a few not so well known one’s thrown in for good measure).  

Trading Quote 1

 When you really believe that trading is simply a probability game, concepts like right and wrong or win or lose no longer have the same significance.
Michael Covel

Trading Quote 2

 Traders are paid for doing the right thing, not paid an hourly rate.

Trading Quote 3

 Amateurs traders want to be right. Pro traders want to make money.

Trading Quote 4

 If you want better results than the crowd, don’t trade like they do.

Trading Quote 5

 Time is your friend; impulse is your enemy.
Jack Bogle

Trading Quote 6

 Trade with an edge, manage risk, be consistent, and keep it simple.
Curtis Faith

Trading Quote 7

 Human emotion is both the source of opportunity in trading and the greatest challenge.
Master it and you will succeed.
Ignore it at your peril.
Curtis Faith

Trading Quote 8

 The key to trading success is emotional discipline. If intelligence were the key, there would be a lot more people making money trading.
Trader Vic

Trading Quote 9

 Don’t cry over spilt milk (trading losses), go find another cow (trade).

Trading Quote 10

 Successful traders need to know when to be in a trade;
They need to know when to not be in a trade;
Most of all traders need to know when to get out once they are already in a trade.

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  1. jackie says:

    Chinese saying, “Where there is conflict there is opportunity”.

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